My background experience includes creative marketing, digital media, website and mobile design/development along with video and music soundtrack production. Working several years designing digital media for corporations, retailers, government agencies, healthcare, entertainment and nonprofit organizations. I have worked with over three hundred clients providing creative marketing, designing graphics and websites, animation, presentations, video production and print media having earned a strong reputation for my expertise, insights and effectiveness.

Most of my recent efforts have been involved with my creative marketing and digital media company called Kelsey Media Productions. Visit my website or become a Fan on Facebook to get news on my latest work projects! Thanks for visiting my site...

Photos from back in 1979 when I worked as a Lighting Director and Designer for Music Artists, Promotional Events, Video, Fashion and Hair Shows. Just added to the website Lighting webpage with over 100 photos from back in the days .... please excuse the quality, these photos are close to 30 years old and some were captured from video footage.

Stephen's latest HD Video Animations with 5.1 music soundtrack production!

Videos Produced by Stephen Cataldo & Kelsey Media Productions

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